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BMX Racing and Freestyling are extremely awesome sports. Not only are they skill and precision driven but the sports were birthed and developed right here in SoCal. BMX began in the early 1970s when kids began racing their bikes on dirt tracks in Southern California, inspired by the moto x athletes of the time. Now the sports have grown worldwide with BMX racing being a recognized olympic sport and BMX Freestyling competitions being aired on ESPN! No matter what type of BMXer you are, you are Co’ Ampin’ approved! If you love BMX you love speed and adrenaline and don’t mind taking a knock or two. Those are our kind of people.

Our Favorite SoCal Tracks & Parks

Elings Park BMX Raceway, Santa Barbara, CA

Woodward Park BMX, Fresno, CA

Sycamore BMX Raceway, Simi Valley, CA

Freedom Park BMX Raceway, Camarillo, CA

Ventura BMX Raceway, Ventura, CA

Pleasant Valley Skatepark, Camarillo, CA

Skatelab, Simi Valley, CA