Co’ Ampin’ Approved

Co' Ampin' Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is the adrenaline offspring of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing! The towed rider hits speeds of 18-25 mph, springing off the wake and launching their bodies through the air all in the pursuit of adrenaline. Riders usually use boats but they can also be towed by closed-course cable systems and winches which has resulted in the creation of wakeboard parks and wakeboarders advancing the sport by shredding up many water areas where boats cannot go. No matter where you make waves, if you’re chasing the rush while strapped to a board, you’re Co’ Ampin’ approved.

Big thanks goes out to Josh Withers for the photo.

Our Favorite California Wakeboard Spots

Big Bear Cable Park, Big Bear Lake, CA

Lake Shasta, CA

Bass Lake, CA

Lake Nacimiento, CA

Manna Wake, Sanger, CA

Lake Elsinore, CA