coamp-44-volcano2Co’ Ampin’ Approved

Some look at a Volcano and think “I hope it doesn’t errupt!” Cold Ampers see a volcano and think, “I’m gonna ride that thing!” Volcano Surfing allows you to do just that. Volcano riders slide down the side of active volcanoes at 50mph on a plank of wood. Volcano-surfing began in 2005 when Australian Darryn Webb spent some time working in Leon, Nicaragua. An avid snowboarder, Webb looked at the Cerro Negro Volcano and devised a way to translate his skills to the rocky slopes. Now many follow in his footsteps, sliding down the 2,388ft. face. Volcano surfing is legit and it gets the Co’ Ampin’ adrenaline seal of approval!

How to Surf a Volcano

Step 1: Choose a spot. Cerra Negro is the most popular place to surf a Volcano and right now it’s pretty much the only place. For So Cal locals who don’t want to travel too far, there’s always the sand hill along the Pacific Coast Hwy in Point Mugu St. Park (okay – so it’s not technically a volcano).

Step 2: Get your gear. Protective goggles and a jump-suit are a must as dust and pebbles go flying. Your Volcano Board is plywood reinforced with metal and Formica. There is a built in breaking system but don’t slam on them too hard or you’ll go flying!

Step 3: Get ready to hike. No lifts here! You’ll need to climb that mountain before you can conquer it! The hike takes about 45 minutes.

Step 4: Surf!