coamp-surfCo’ Ampin’ Approved

From Santa Barbara to Imperial Beach, Southern California is one of the most surf-immersed cultures on Earth. Cruise your longboard or shred it up on your shortboard. If you’re seeking the ultimate wave, you’ll find yourself Co’ Ampin’ in California.

It’s no secret that SoCal is home to some incredible surf: Rincon, C-Street, Malibu, Huntington Beach Pier, the Wedge, Lower Trestles , Oceanside Harbor, Swamis, and Blacks to name just a few world-class waves.

If you start at Santa Barbara and drive south to the Mexican border you’ll find rolling green hills decorated with eucalyptus trees, concrete jungles of West L.A., Hollywood, Newport Beach, and downtown San Diego and nature reserves. Because it’s Cali there will be good weather year round so a 3/2 fullsuit and booties will suffice. Welcome to the center of the surf world. Take it all in.