coamp-skateboard lowCo’ Ampin’ Approved

What’s more extreme than strapping some wheels to a board and riding it all over a concrete jungle? When you bail there’s the nice cushion of solid stone to break your fall. It doesn’t matter if you’re thrashing the parks or going old school with some slick street magic. If you’re on the hunt for that next big trick, then you’re Co’ Ampin’ approved.

Our Favorite Skateparks

California has an amazing range of skateparks. If you have the Co’ Ampin’ skateboarding hunger, missing out on California would be like missing out on air and food.

Below you’ll find the best parks California has to offer. There’s no specific order here – they’re all good, they’re all free (unless otherwise noted), and they’re all Co’ Ampin’ approved.

Santa Ana Skatepark – There is over 12,000 sq. feet to discover. This place has it all: fun boxes, ledges, pyramids, plus 11 and 7 stairs with rails and hubbas. It’s a street skater’s paradise.

Benicia X Park – With 20,000 sq. ft. of play, Benicia park will spark your imagination. The street section has all the usual fare and flows into a quarter pipe area that drops into a 9-foot bowl.

YMCA Magdalena Ecke Skatepark, Encinitas – Home to the 80ft. 2003 X-Games vert ramp, 37,000 sq. ft. of pools, pyramids, rails and a wooden street/flow course. It costs but is well worth it. $5 members/$10 non.